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Break FREE from Anxiety,

Depression & Addiction


Let's Turn Your Trauma into Triumph

You Deserve to be HAPPY!

Inspiring and Uber Real

Sam is inspiring and will push you to be the best version of yourself you can be. She’s über real and sees through any bull. She’s genuinely there to make others live a fulfilled and rich life. Absolute legend, best for self esteem and helping you see the value in yourself.

Mel Helbling

Sam changed my life

I was in a bit of a dark space for a period of time before being recommended to meet with Sam. Sam changed my life, her energy, immediate friendship and her experience in life gave me immediate hope. Following a few sessions and an amazing 3 day retreat, my life is on track and I have Sam to thank for steering me in the direction I wanted my life to go.
Sam's personality is incredible; her energy, understanding and ability to empathise with me helped me come out the other side much, much more positive for the future.
Thank you Sam xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Mark Cozens

I Quit after 20 years

I was a smoker for twenty years and after one appointment with Sam, I am a happier & healthier non smoker. It has been two weeks since my appointment and I have not had any cravings and I feel amazing. Sam was so welcoming and made me feel relaxed the whole time. I could not have quit on my own and I am so glad I went to Happy U to help me.
Sam is amazing and I could not recommend her enough. Thank you so much Sam xxx

Dionne Brown



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