Welcome to Central Coast Modern Hypnosis located at Happy U HQ the House of Wellness.


Central Coast Modern Hypnosis is focussed on helping you to let go of Anxiety, Depression, Addiction, and any limiting beliefs that are stopping you from living your very best life.

Our team of Clinical Hypnotherapists have over 30 years’ experience in their chosen specialities so no matter what you are struggling with we have someone who can support you in creating the life you desire and deserve.

We have programs available in the following areas!

  • Stop Smoking,

  • Weight Loss,

  • Phobias,

  • PTSD,

  • Grief,

  • Family breakdown,

  • Self Esteem, Anxiety, Depression, Addiction,  Stress,

  • and Relationships

If you want to create an inspired life vision we  have programs in Mindset Management, Business Building, Confidence and Peak Performance.

In these trying times, we understand that meeting face to face may not be an option, so all our sessions are available via zoom or phone.

Call for a confidential chat or to book your session today 0425 393 600

CCMH and Happy U HQ were founded by Sam Bowker, qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Transformational Coach and NLP Practitioner. Our courses and resources are available nationwide in the form of face to face workshops, online courses and private consultations in our clinic based on the Central Coast of NSW.   

Tame Your Inner Critic
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We all have them, that irritating little voice inside that pipes up when we are on the verge of something new, exciting or interesting. Its part of the human condition and it stops us from reaching our full potential, again and again.

In this short PDF Sam explains how to keep it under control so you can get on with the exiting things that life has to offer without the nagging kill joy that wants to stifle every new and interesting thing you do. 

Download it now, its free...

Abundance, Prosperity and Clarity - Unleashed

Is your path in life...Clear as a bell or clear as mud?

Along the path to ultimate self-fulfillment and realizing your dreams, the first step is to get really clear on what that looks like.

1. When was the last time you truly checked in with yourself and asked your heart what you desire?

2. What is that thing that truly sets your heart on fire?

3. Do you know your WHY?

4. Do you have self-care practices in place that support your physical, emotional and spiritual wellness?

In this FREE 3-hour session Sam will help you create a road map for the rest of your life. Register now for the next Zoom session and put yourself on the path to the life you dream about. 

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Sam Bowker

Sam is the founder and owner of Happy U HQ. and Central Coast Modern Hypnosis. She is a qualified Transformational  Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and NLP Practitioner who is passionate about helping people become the best possible version of themselves.

Sam is an effective public speaker and she is available to speak at a range of events. Call for details.

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