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CCMH Weight Loss Program


Change the way you think- Change the way you feel -Change the way you look!



In 5 action packed weeks you will experience a mindset transformation that will allow you to automatically and spontaneously make healthier food choices, reduce the size of your meals and start and stick at that exercise program that you keep putting off resulting in the release of excess weight.

You will start this empowering, life changing experience with a one on one goal setting and strategy session with Sam followed by 4 weeks of coaching and hypnosis in a relaxed group environment.


·         Release unwanted baggage (mental and physical)

·         Release excess weight

·         Eradicate negative thinking

·         Create new empowering beliefs

·         Reprogram your sub-conscious mind for success

·         Find your inner happiness

·         Create the perfect environment for change

·         Live your best life


Using a combination of Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Coaching, Sam will show you how to create the life you dream about, the life you desire, the life you deserve.

Create the life you dream about, the life you desire, the life you deserve.



Create the life you want today!

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