What is a Thought Virus?

We’ve all heard of viruses, they are microscopic infective agents that invade our cells, reproduce and have the potential to make us very sick or even kill us. Computer viruses are similar. A small piece of code is inserted clandestinely into your computer. Depending on the make-up of the code, it can multiply and take over your computer, jump to the computers of your friends via email or file transfer and generally bring your computer to its knees.

A “Thought Virus” is like a cross between these two viruses. A damaging idea can invade your brain and take over your thinking to the extent that it controls all your thoughts and activities. A simple example of a relatively benign “Thought Virus” is that song you hear early in the morning and then can’t shake from your consciousness all day. Over and over you’re singing, whistling, humming to this internal refrain which banishes all other music and all other thoughts. Happily this virus is usually cured by a night’s sleep.

Thought viruses come in many forms. Most of us have a few that we have learned to live with but some peoples live miserable lives completely controlled by these disempowering internal programs. Often these “Thought Viruses” take the form, I can’t do A because of B. I can’t give up smoking because I’m addicted to nicotine. I can’t enjoy myself in a social situation unless I have a few drinks. If we tell our brain a lie it will believe us and it will feed the lie back to us whenever we need some reinforcement. Soon the negative effects of smoking, drinking and eating to excess will kick in but the “Thought Virus” will keep the lie fresh in our mind so eventually we become addicted to the negative behaviour even though it is causing us harm.

A clinical hypnotherapist can use the power of suggestion to eliminate these “Thought Viruses” and replace them with suggestions that empower you to make positive behavioural changes that will deliver the outcomes that you crave.

Call Samantha Bowker at Central Coast Modern Hypnosis for a free assessment: Your first step to eliminating the negative “Thought Viruses” that are controlling your life.

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