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When I told my father that I was going to study Hypnosis he shocked me with this story.

Apparently when he was young he was often accused of having a butterfly mentality. He’d flit from one thing to another never fully committing and never really achieving. This was news to me as I thought that my Dad is one of the most focussed people I’ve ever met. He went on to tell me that at the age of 34 he’d been admitted to university as an undergraduate but he was worried that the butterfly would kick in and he’d never finish the degree. He was also worried that he wasn't smart enough to study at university. His solution was to seek the help of a hypnotist.

He completed a course of three hypnotherapy sessions and the rest is history. He finished the degree six months early, over 60% of his grades were A, he won a university medal and he went on to tutor in three courses at the university. He believes his sessions with the hypnotist changed his life and even today he is tenacious about finishing the tasks he starts.

Peak performers in all walks of life use hypnosis to help them focus on the important tasks they need to complete to achieve their goals. Bruce Willis and James Earl Jones both used hypnosis to overcome stuttering, Sylvester Stallone used hypnosis to help him overcome the many rejections he received for his manuscript for the first Rocky movie. Micheal Jordan and Mary Lou Retton are two elite atheletes who have used hypnosis as part of their training regime. Chopin attended hypnosis classes at the University of Strasbourg, Einstein is reputed to have used hypnosis every afternoon to help him formulate his theories and car maker Henry Ford was also a great fan of hypnosis.

If you have a problem with studying or completing important tasks contact Central Coast Modern Hypnosis. Maybe we can change your life too.

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