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If you’re one of the 50% of Australians who are considered overweight, you’ll know how tough it is to shift those extra kilos.

It’s not that you are without options. The weight watching industry has provided a huge array of diets, exercises and even surgery to get us back into shape. But, in spite of this by all accounts we continue to pack on the kilos and we are well on our way to becoming the fattest nation on earth. There is something wrong with this picture.

We know from research that whenever we eat, chemicals are released in the gut which make their way to the brain which in turn interprets the information, decides when we have had enough food and signals us to stop eating. This whole process can take up to 20 minutes and by the time the brain tells us to stop we have already had far too much food for our requirements.

Most weight reduction methods are aimed firmly at the stomach but it is not the stomach that makes the decisions here. It is the brain. So, doesn’t it make more sense to teach the brain to make better, faster decisions about our intake of food? Decisions that change our association with food, and develop better eating habits for life.

This is exactly how Hypnosis tackles the issue. Using a technique called Virtual Gastric Banding, the therapist convinces the brain that a gastric band has been fitted and the size of the stomach has been reduced. Hunger is sated earlier and the brain tells us to stop eating. Virtual Gastric Banding avoids the pain, expense recuperation and danger of Gastric Banding surgery and can be even more effective since the Virtual Gastric Band can be supported with positive suggestions that create a change in our attitude to food for life.

If you are struggling with weight related issues and would like to create and maintain healthy and sustainable habits around food, I’d love to help you achieve your goals. Call me on 0425 393 600 to discuss your options. Ask about our free assessment service and begin the transformation to the new right-sized you.

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