Can you really Quit Smoking?

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Can you really sit down in a comfortable chair, relax and less than an hour later stand-up as a non-smoker.

Well according to the respected journal New Scientist, you can. New Scientist conducted a research project into all forms of Quit smoking programs, from Cold Turkey, through replacement therapy such as patches and chewing gum and they concluded that hypnosis was the most effective treatment. In fact one-in-five smokers who had successfully kicked the habit used hypnosis.

Most smokers know the risks of smoking. Smokers are well aware that smoking will probably shorten their lives, and it will likely mean the life they have will be less healthy. They know that they will be ostracized and prevented from enjoying their habit in almost all public places. Smokers know that their children, spouses, family and friends will also know these risks and will experience anxiety whenever they think about the smoker’s habit. They know that they should quit immediately but they don’t. Why is it so?

Well, although our conscious mind understands the risks and wants to quit, our subconscious mind is driven by just two things. Pleasure and pain. Somewhere in the deep sub-conscious of a smoker’s mind a link between smoking and pleasure was forged and this is what keeps them smoking in spite of all the contrary evidence available to the rational mind.

Hypnosis clears away this link. In addition the therapist can create new links that associate the benefits of not smoking with pleasure and smoking with pain. For most people this is enough to quit smoking immediately.

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