Sam Bowker - Founder - Presenter - Hypnotherapist - Coach

Let me help you to build the life you desire

I have a passion for helping people become the best version of themselves.  I do this by helping our clients to find their life purpose so that they can live an inspired life full of love, joy and happiness.


I believe that it’s only when you are living the life you are meant to live, sharing your special gifts and talents and being of service only then will you truly be happy. It is my mission, my soul’s purpose to help as many people as I can to find that sweet spot.


The best thing about living your life purpose is that you will find that you are always in the right place at the right time. You will find like-minded individuals and you will be supported in making the appropriate life changes. It just is.


You will always meet the right people as the resistance is gone. This is because you are in flow, in tune with the universe and all your thoughts, actions and aspirations are congruent.

Ok, I know this might all sound a bit rainbows and unicorns but I promise you I have science to back it up. If you have always thought that there must be more to life than your current experience then you are ready. Now is the time to get started on building the life of your dreams. The life that is meant just for you.


Everybody has a soul purpose in this life, something that only they can offer and I believe when we find that special thing then we will be fulfilled


Elite athletes describe the moment when they perform at their best as being in the zone. I believe we all have a zone where everything falls into place where our performance matches our aspiration, where ambition is congruent with accomplishment and our energies are focussed.


I believe that we all have everything we need to achieve what-ever it is we truly desire. It’s just that sometimes we get in our own way.


If you’re not happy with your life and you can visualise a better future.If you need help defining your goals.If you need a coach to keep you accountable.If you’d like help dismantling the obstacles that are holding you back.If you need a friend to help you get out of your own way.


Give me a call.

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Sam works with everyone from the CEO to the sales and customer service team. The whole team will leave feeling inspired and pumped determined to excel in their job like never before. 

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