High-Performance Coaching

Water Sports

High Performance Coaching is about helping people to achieve their best possible performance. It is usual for the client to set the agenda so coaching programs are highly individual and tuned to the unique needs of the client.


The coach can assist the client to create a concrete plan with measurable milestones. The coach can recommend appropriate paths and activities needed to achieve the milestones and then help monitor progress and make suggestions for refinements to keep the client on track.

Some or all of the activities below will be incorporated into a high-performance training program.

  • Uncovering and documenting the client’s long, medium and short-term objectives.

  • Planning and preparing for necessary career transitions.

  • Eliminating poor habits that prevent peak performance.

  • Negotiating the inevitable and unavoidable obstacles that life throws up.

High-Performance Coaching uses many of the techniques used in professional sport to improve the performance of elite athletes, but the benefits are not confined to high flyers. Managers, teachers, business people, academics and students are just some of the careers that use these techniques. If your objective is to perform in your chosen field at the very peak of your potential, then High-Performance Coaching is a tool that can help you get there.