Neuro Linguistic Programing

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is one of many tools that we use to facilitate change in behaviour. Neuro relates to our neural system, the body’s communication system; linguistic to language and Programming as in computer programming. Using NLP techniques its possible to reprogram the mind by altering its response to linguistic stimuli.


The conscious and unconscious mind are at the centre of our neural network and in constant conversation but what if they are not quite speaking the same language. For example, when an English speaker says “Pronto” he probably means immediately, but a Spanish speaker would probably think “soon”. Imagine if your conscious mind was in a state of panic and shouting “pronto” but your unconscious mind was thinking “yeah, yeah I’ll get to it soon”. NLP can be used to resolve this type of conflict, but it can go a lot further.


The conscious mind sets the agenda, but it is the unconscious mind that delivers the goods. Both are there to serve you but if their communication is flawed then the chances of getting what you want are pretty slim. Using NLP, we can reprogram the brain so that the conscious and unconscious mind are speaking the same language.


NLP is an excellent tool to overcome a variety of challenges: everything from fear of public speaking to fear of flying respond well to NLP. NLP techniques allow us to fast track clients to a desired outcome. One of the best things about NLP is that it is forward focused, there is no need to wade through all your past devastations and trauma.  We focus on what you want, so whether you are a child hoping to achieve better results at school or a CEO wanting to lead a company to success. NLP can help to fast track your success


NLP Is particularly useful in the treatment of:

  • Fear of flying

  • Fear of speaking in public

  • Changing unproductive habits

  • A wide range of phobias

  • Addiction

  • Weight control


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