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Next Event

Hey there Mindset Warriors,


How is everyone going?


Many of you know I recently started a monthly meetup group called Mindset Warriors and I am pleased to say the first two events have been awesome.


I started this group with the intention of providing a space for people to connect, collaborate, learn together and more than anything to create a way of helping people to have a way of belonging.


With technology it seems people are becoming more and more disconnected and with this comes even more anxiety and depression, the statistics are staggering.


Anyhoo on a lighter note, the end of the year is coming at us at the speed of a formula one racing car, so it’s time for the best and final Mindset Warriors’ event for the year.


Get your planner, get your phone and save the date! Tuesday the 10th of December at 6:30PM-8:30PM or later if you decide to kick on.


If you have been to the last two you know what you are in for. If you missed out then trust me you are not going to want to miss this one as it’s at a new venue. It’s our Xmas get together and anyone worth knowing is going to be there.


Our little event has grown so quick I am SUPER EXITED to announce that I have searched high and low for perfect place and I have finally found it.......Drum roll please........


The Savoy in Long jetty and not only that they are going to be opening especially for us.


What can you expect? You will make some great new connections; I will be speaking about tip and tricks for surviving the Xmas break and not just surviving but thriving with a big smile on your dial. The theme of the night is all things related to Mindset Magic, Abundance and winning at life so if this sounds like you, book your ticket now as they are limited. Book your tickets here: Mindset Warriors 


There is a small charge ($25) which covers pizza, platters and a Mimosa on arrival. I am going to be the speaker on the night so I will take you through some cool exercises to help lock in some powerful exciting and abundant thought processes. There will be heaps of lucky door prizes and it is going to be a cracking night, so don’t miss out, book now