Areas of specialisation.


Hypnosis is used throughout the world to treat a wide range of conditions. These are the areas that we specialise in. If your concern is not addressed here you can contact CCMH on 0425 393 600 and if we can't help, we'll do our best to put you in touch with someone who can.

Sam Bowker

Quit Smoking

According to a recent survey, hypnosis has helped more smokers give up the habit than any other treatment. One in five successful quitters have used hypnosis as all or part of their treatment.


If you are tired of lining the pockets of big tobacco and would like to try a therapy with a proven track record, Call me today to start the next chapter of your life as a non-smoker..  More...

Anxiety and Phobia

Fear and anxiety are rational responses to dangerous situations and if your response is in proportion to the threat, anxiety ia a healthy response. However people who suffer from unexplained anxiety are in a state where the body’s danger alarm is triggered for no reason.  Hypnosis can help to repair your internal response. so that the anxiety alarm stops triggering when there is no need for it, and you can get back to enjoying your life.


Call for a free anxiety assessment if:

  • your behaviour inhibits your routine or causes distress

  • your fear is excessive and unreasonable

  • your anxiety causes you to avoid certain activities and places

  • have tried everything else and you are still suffering

  • you want fast effective results

  • More...

Weight Control

Hypnosis is successful in treating weight related issues because it treats the real cause of the problem. Not what we eat but why we eat. In spite of the plethora of diets and exercise regimes on the market the proportion of the population who are overweight keeps increasing. 


Hypnosis helps you to uncover why you are eating too much and allows you create a new relationship with food that is healthy and sustainable More ...

Working with Kids

Children are usually very good subjects for hypnosis because they come to the process without fear or pre-conceived ideas.


They have great imaginations and usually enter into the hypnotic experience quickly.


The best thing about working with children is that I get to help right from the start of the problem which means it hasn’t had time to become an ingrained pattern. This means they are less likely to need more than a few sessions and it also means I will be less likely to see them as adults for something that has been going on since childhood.


“Better to build strong children than repair broken men” Frederick Douglas.